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Project: New Horizon School Westside Concept Design, 2018

Location: Japantown, Los Angeles

Team: LOC Architects - Poonam Sharma, Ali Jeevanjee, Tessa Forde


This was concept design package for a school on Sawtelle Boulevard that called for a pre-school and mulit-purpose room on the ground floor, an elementary school on the upper floors and retail at street front. We proposed a courtyard scheme with a series of outdoor spaces stepping down over the three levels. The school library would bridge over the courtyard on the third floor, creating shade for the space below and connectivity between programs. Islamic tradition was alluded to in the use of accenting of blues, greens and golds and a perforated screen at the ground floor, the pattern of which would be abstract at a small scale, and represent an Islamic pattern at a larger scale.

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